Missouri State House candidate John Kiehne was born and raised in St. Charles, Mo., has traveled extensively as a professional musician and lived in Boston, Mass. for 10 years. John and his wife Michelle have 4 now-grown children and three grandchildren.  As a foster parent and advocate for over 11 years John has fought for at-risk children to receive the services and supports that they require. As an adult guardian as well as a Board Member for the Heartland Independent Living Center John continues to work to connect services to and provide services for the disabled in Franklin, Maries and Gasconade Counties.

John believes that by focusing on improving our schools and access to training and post-secondary education, creating better-paying jobs and encouraging new businesses and cutting-edge industries and by making quality, affordable Healthcare available to ALL Missouri residents we can make our State more peaceful, healthy and prosperous.

As a Missouri native whose family farm has been in his family for over 130 years John understands the importance of supporting our rural communities and family farms that form the backbone of our State and our Country. He also supports property owners’ right to not have their most prized possession- their land-  ruined by corporate farmers polluting the environment around Consolidated Agricultural Feeding Operations or “CAFO’s". John will also do what he can to encourage our Federal Government to stop engaging in reckless trade wars that are further injuring already-stressed American farmers.

Decades ago the NAFTA trade deal gave companies the option to increase their profits by pulling out of rural areas like Missouri and moving their manufacturing facilities to foreign countries. This is yet another example of how hard-working Missourians cannot trust companies to act in the best interest of workers and communities over potential profits and why we must continue to fight for our workers and make sure that they maintain their right to organize and collectively bargain with employers in order to maintain competitive wages and benefits.

John believes that the people of Missouri deserve better representation in our State Legislature and he wants to make Missouri a prime destination- not just a flyover state. His goal is to make our state a great place to live, work and play for all our citizens- rich and poor, young and old.

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Here’s a very recent interview (10/23/2018) with John Kiehne on KTUI radio in Sullivan, MO. In this segment he discusses a number of issues that he’s focusing on in his State Senate campaign including Healthcare, Jobs and Education.

This is his last last KTUI inteview before the General Election.

Here’s a recent interview (9/5/2018) with John Kiehne on KTUI radio in Sullivan, MO. In this segment he discusses a number of issues that he’s focusing on in his State Senate campaign including Healthcare, Jobs and Education.
Thanks so much to KTUI for giving John the opportunity to introduce himself to Senate District 26 voters and discuss the issues!

In this interview (8/6/2018) with John Kiehne on KTUI radio in Sullivan, MO. John discusses the issue of Right to Work and how this predatory policy would hurt Missouri’s workers. Missouri voters defeated Right to Work in August of 2018 but State Sen. Erik Burlison pre-filed it again in December 2018. State Sen. Schatz was also heard recently in a radio interview suggesting that his re-election was a mandate FOR Right to Work. We’ll be keeping an eye on him as well this next session!

John Kiehne will support hard-working Missourians and reject any and all attempts to lower workers’ wages, reduce their benefits and diminish workplace protections.


John Kiehne will work to reform our Healthcare system to make it more affordable and accessible for all Missouri residents. By accepting Medicaid Expansion we can help many uninsured residents that drain Missouri's resources while saving our failing rural hospitals. By re-instituting single-payer eligibility for the MORx Program we can help 66,000 Mo. senior citizens to afford critical prescription medications.


Pollution in the form of dumping and storing of toxic waste, the byproducts of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, radioactive waste and so forth has had and continues to have a very negative effect on the health and welfare of citizens all over the St. Louis area and beyond. We must do more to protect our soil, water and air from being poisoned by reckless corporate interests.

John Kiehne is Pro-Labor

If elected I will support Missouri's workers and reject attempts to lower wages, weaken benefits or eliminate workplace protections. I will fight to help get our workers better-paying jobs, encourage new business and new industries and work to revitalize our struggling rural communities. I oppose measures such as Right to Work, repealing the Prevailing Wage, Worker's Comp reforms and so forth that hurt workers.


By working to improve our job market and by directing more resources towards struggling schools we can develop a new generation that can pursue careers in Healthcare, Education, Engineering, the Skilled Trades and so forth. We must provide our children with a solid academic background in order for them to be successful, functional and independent adults.


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