Join us in this movement to participate in building a better future for our country! John Kiehne is campaigning to take honesty, integrity and ingenuity to Washington DC to represent Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District. Help us to make a difference.
Congressional candidate John Kiehne was born and raised in St. Charles, Mo., traveled extensively as a musician and lived in Boston, Ma. for a number of years. John and his wife Michelle now call Labadie, Mo. home.

John is sick and tired of not being properly represented in Washington D.C. and now he’s fired up to earn the privilege to represent the residents of Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District in our nation’s capital.

John stands for values that support our families, workers and businesses that also happen to make America the greatest nation on earth.

As a husband, father, son and businessman John recognizes not only his own needs but the needs of children, the elderly, women, the infirm, minorities and so forth. He is dedicated to advocating for not only himself and and his family but also for those whose voices are muted and unheard.

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John believes that we must address the crisis that family farms and rural communities face in Missouri and throughout the U.S.

John believes that all Americans should have access to a quality, affordable public education. Also- college students should not be saddled with costly long-term debt.

John believes that all Americans should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Also, all women should have access to quality reproductive healthcare.

John believes that all Americans should have the opportunity to earn a living wage as well as be paid a fair wage regardless of their work position.

John believes that America needs to have a strong State Department to foster and maintain healthy relationships with the rest of the world.

John believes that America needs to have a strong and modern military that is only used as a last resort when diplomacy has not been successful in resolving conflict.

John believes that America should have free and fair elections that strive to provide poll access to all legal voters. John will resist any attempts to disenfranchise American voters.

John believes that campaign finance reform is sorely needed to level the playing field for candidates as well as to force politicians to serve their constituents- not their wealthy donors.

John supports the 2nd Amendment and responsible gun ownership. He also supports expanded background checks for gun purchasers and eliminating loopholes for gun shows and private sales.