Alabama Wins- Hate Loses

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Today Alabama decides whether to go backwards in time or move toward the future. America was built by brilliant, patriotic men in a time when the land was being taken from the indigenous peoples by force and black Africans were being brought to America as slaves to serve their wealthy white masters. This truth existed for centuries and only recently have we as a nation taken a long, hard look at how America treats ALL of its citizens and what equality and justice *truly* mean. The people who craft and enforce our laws must be held to a higher standard because they are charged with writing laws that aim for the higher ideals of liberty and equality and enforcing them with a sense of justice and professionalism. Alabama is a state whose people continue to suffer from the generational effects of injustice, poverty and lack of opportunity. Lawmakers in Alabama seem to have turned a blind eye to these issues while so many have suffered and so few have prospered. They can do better and we can do better, too. America is better than that. #k4d3 #candidate #congress #missouri #justice #america #missouri #landofthefree

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