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As this fine Monday winds down I am taking this moment to share this fine creation with you fine people. I spent most of my day working on figuring out how to run for office and set up a political campaign correctly. I must admit that I'm clearer today than I was yesterday yet I'm still tackling a few issues mostly being accepting contributions. Hopefully in the next few days I'll get that part straight and get my campaign committee up and running. Thank you to all the awesome people who have been giving me direction and trying to point me in some kind of direction- maybe just away from them. LOL In the process of preparing my platform, talking to other people about my campaign and so forth it's hard to ignore the chasm that has been chiseled into America. In a time when we are more connected than ever by roads, cars, trains, planes and technologies like radio, TV and the Internet it seems that we're more divided than ever. The name of my campaign committee will reflect my desire the bring people together and focus more on the many things that we agree on and less on the things that we disagree on. The attitude of "I'll just take my ball and go home" is not sustainable on the playground or in Congress. While Congress kowtows to special interests and their "base" many people are suffering. People are falling behind. People are missing out on opportunities. People are getting sick, staying sick and DYING. Laws were created to help civilized society to regulate itself to make life predictable and safe for EVERYONE- not just a certain few or a particular demographic. A rising tide raises all boats but if the moisture gets stuck in clouds the lake goes dry and we run aground. My hope is that we can make it rain again so that ALL Americans can have the opportunity to live in peace, good health and prosperity. There is no loser in a win-win scenario. Please help me to help you by supporting me- John Kiehne- to represent you in Congress for the 3rd District in Mo. I may not have millions in my war chest but each and every one of you has value to me because we ALL deserve better. We are the 99%. #candidate #johnkiehne #congress #franklinco #missouri #election

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