Dems CAN Win Races

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I just went to my first Democratic group meeting with the Franklin County Democrats Club. It was so nice to sit and chat with these nice people who also happen to be politically engaged and make some new friends. As a Franklin County resident these are "my" people and they will be seeing a lot more of me in the future. I talked to a small businessman who was concerned about health insurance and making the world a better place for his child. I talked to some retired folks, a public school teacher and so forth. We discussed the prohibitive cost of daycare and the unprecedented and unwarranted restructuring of the Mo. State School Board. But we also got to know each other. Discussed the history of the area and how it's grown. Shared some stories about life in Franklin County. Here's what I want to tell EVERYONE: Don't let the Trump Adminstration steal your happiness or your hope. Don't allow the drama from the White House and beyond to distract you from the issues that effect us. The only way to put out this dumpster fire and get our country back on track is to unite progressives and moderates- maybe even Republicans- and flip these districts. Evil thrives when people are angry and divided. The powers that be may have the luxury of being complacent but many people in America are feeling uneasy. They are feeling insecure. They don't feel insulted- they feel *unsafe*. Commerce makes our country strong but preying on the many for the profit of the few is wrong, dangerous and unsustainable. Please help me to be your voice in Washington DC. Tell me what you need. Tell me what scares you. Tell me what is working for you. Give me new ideas. A fresh perspective. Give me your hope and faith that hard work and just deeds will make District 3, Missouri and America greater than it has ever been. God Bless America. #candidate #election #missouri #politics #franklinco #america #congress #senate #dougjones

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