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I have been talking to people lately about the state of our country and I've been doing my best to *listen* as opposed to offer my opinion. I am trying to step outside of my own opinions and hear what people are concerned about. Perhaps there are technical issues of politics that I need to study as well but serving the constituency is the primary responsibility for an elected official. The "how" is somewhat secondary and can be acquired. I have also paid more attention to the rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party, Democratic candidates and Democratic elected officials. Here's an issue that I think is of the utmost importance: We may be upset about the Trump era in America and we definitely need to continue to pressure them to operate in a legal, fair and ethical manner but WE CAN'T CHANGE THE COURSE OF THIS COUNTRY PURELY ON THE PREMISE OF IMPEACHING TRUMP AND PROSECUTING MEMBERS OF HIS ADMINISTRATION. Democrats/Liberals/Progressives (or whatever label you feel best represents your views) must WIN ELECTIONS. We must connect with Americans by listening to them, by offering solutions and by running on those ideas then following through once we get there. Want Trump out in 3 years? Elect a new president. That would drain the whole swamp in one fell swoop. Want more say in government? Flip districts blue and make sure the people you elected live up to their promises. Complain a little- we're entitled- but we must proactively pull together and win elections. Simple. It really is. A country divided will fall- a country united will prosper. #vote #politics #election #congress #missouri #democrat #america

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