Let’s Be Nice to Each Other for the Holidays

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I'm getting ready to get up here in a moment. It's Christmas Eve. My great niece is breathing peacefully beside me and she only woke up briefly a few times last night. (So I slept a little? LOL) My wife stayed up cleaning and decorating. My in laws went to sleep after spending the day with their son. My laundry is dry and I need to fetch some clean clothes before I take a shower and head out. I have other family members to pick up today, gifts to finalize, food to prepare and so forth. There are many "political issues" that inform Christmas and this time of year. Many at the forefront of today's news. The Middle East, freedom of religion, commerce, regulation, climate, finance, healthcare- you name it. I must dive into those issues in 2018 to be as informed as I can possibly be regarding all the legislation and policy regarding our District, state and country. These issues are much more than just bullet points on my platform. They require deep understanding on a broad range of issues. Our Representatives in Congress MUST have a grasp on the issues that they vote on to best serve their constuency. The new Tax Reform bill is over 500 pages long. The Congressmen who voted for it for the most part didn't even bother to read or understand what this critical piece of legislation was or what it's ramifications would be for taxpayers. They just wanted a "W" for their special interests. We can do better. I believe that *I* can do better. I hate to wake up this baby girl but it's time to make the donuts! (Maybe I can pass her off to the in laws. Delegation. LOL) Have a great Holiday and then let's get to business on January 1. Until then let's finish out the year being kind to one another just because. What do you think? ~K4D3 #candidate #politics #missouri #congress #holidays #family #love #peace #america #theunitedstates

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