Campaign Kickoff- Birthday Party for Senate Candidate John Kiehne

We had a great time Saturday June 2 celebrating the official kickoff for John Kiehne’s State Senate Campaign as well as celebrating our workers, our teachers, our artists and all those who believe that public service means to represent the good will of all the people- not just ourselves or the ones that we like.

We were honored to have labor leader Glenn Kage (UAW 2250) and environmental activist extraordinaire Patricia Schuba as guest speakers as well as a little musical entertainment from John, his wife Michelle and special guest Mark LeClaire.

Our origins may be humble but our intentions are pure and our motivation is absolute. This event was a great way to bring people together to get inspired and motivated to work to make big changes in our community by making changes in our government.

John also rolled out an effort that he calls “Each One Reach One”. He asks that everyone make at the very least an effort to reach out to just one person and tell them about his campaign and motivate them to attend an event and (hopefully) go to and sign up for the mailing list.

We will be adding pics and video from the event over the next few days as we sort through everything and organize the images.

Our next sponsored event will be a game night in late June. Details tba.

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