Day 120- 1st Day of Canvassing

So it finally happened- I started canvassing for my campaign. I also went to my first-ever senior breakfast and talked about my campaign with some Chesterfield residents, a real estate agent, a business owner, a friend from St. Clair and a few people at the gas station.

I really appreciate hearing people’s concerns and struggles as well as getting some background about their lives. It helps me to consider issues that I may not have otherwise thought about or give me another facet to consider.

A massive heart attack, lost pensions, medical bills, tax liabilities, Social Security, unsold assets, etc. etc.

It’s important that we listen to our neighbors and try to see them as more than just a caricature of a person. Real people are not really just “D’s” and “R’s”- they just have to deal with what life gives them.

I have about 50,000 more doors to knock over the next 119 days. Let’s see how this goes…

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