Day 119- My Neighbors are Nice!

So this was Day 2 of campaign canvassing for me. I’m starting to dredge up memories of old jobs from when I was a kid like shoveling driveways, delivering phonebooks (remember those???), delivering pizzas, flyering for countless bands and a business that I had in Clayton. However- it might have been the result of a mild sun stroke. LOL

I’ve been very surprised by the warm reception that I’ve received at doors in my District so far. Basically some really nice people that just want to be heard.

Healthcare cost was a recurring issue, a few folks were dealing with cancer, heart disease and so forth. Opioid abuse came up. The foster system, our justice system, the VA and so forth. We also have a number of union workers and supporters ready to Vote No on Prop A.

I also attended an insightful and well-attended meeting for the West County Democrats. A number of great candidates presented and it was good to see that good Democrat energy.

Trump revealed his pick for he Supreme Court today -very conservative of course- and the MDP officially added “pro-life” to or platform making it an acceptable stance for Democrats in Missouri. Women’s reproductive rights are likely going to have a rough ride or the next few years if we don’t pull it together soon.

I never could have imagined myself knocking doors as a political candidate in 50 years and change but now here I am. However- I’m trying to be the change that I want to see in my District, Missouri and the United States. Hopefully I will inspire others to do the same.

So I’ll wrap up the night with a little frozen custard from Hoffman’s Drive Inn (Pacific) and play some music for a while. I’m bushed.

See ya tomorrow.

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