Day 118- Good Day- 1st Challenging Knock

I had another really positive session of canvassing today. Met some more nice people and heard more interesting stories. A consistent theme was that people are sick of dishonesty from politicians.

Talked to a concerned union guy, another person who was older and now saddled with health issues and a diminished capacity to work, and a guy that I didn’t read well that gave me an opportunity to win insight about how to approach certain kinds of people with a different approach.

Yeah- it was kinda hot out but that’s OK- I can take it. If I want to win this election I feel like the most important thing that I can do is show up and get to know people. I’m trying to start conversations and hear people’s concerns. I feel that I get a better handle on this thing every day.

So I think that I will do 1 or 2 more days in my vicinity then start hitting spots all over the District this weekend. I’m looking forward to more learning and growing. One step at a time…

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