Day 117- Didn’t Feel Like It- Did It Anyway

Day 117 was a challenge for me. First of all I’m trying to prioritize music time in my day because I have bills to pay and I kind of enjoy it, too. Secondly by late afternoon I was bushed. Cry me a river John Kiehne. I put on my gear, grabbed my walking kit and headed out like a grown man.

I had more really good conversations, hooked up some No On Prop A stuff and blew a knock because I wasn’t prepared for that personality. No drama- I just think that I could have had a more productive conversation.

I feel like we have some great untapped resources out here. My contacts so far have been really positive and I’m really starting to enjoy the challenge to deliver a compelling message in 30 seconds. Every knock is an opportunity to make a human connection with a real person and not just a name on a piece of paper.

I also resubmitted my NARAL questionnaire and hope that I will receive their endorsement. I’m 100% Pro-Choice and in light of the MDP adding “Pro-Life” to our State Platform I want to be very clear where I stand on that issue. I also received confirmation that the League of Women Voters had my candidate info for their guide.

We’re doing a Candidate Forum for State candidates in Franklin County tomorrow night so I’ll take the day off from canvassing but maybe I’ll meet some awesome new people there instead!

Two main issues that I’ve encountered while canvassing have been affordable health insurance and protecting unions. We really need to accept the Medicaid expansion to buoy our low-income population and to help keep rural hospitals afloat. That would at least be a great start. We also need to protect labor and start voting out people who advocate to lower wages and cut benefits. If we keep electing people who aren’t for us it’s only going to get worse.

Also appreciate my brand new American flag trucker’s hat that I bought at the truck stop today. Pretty swanky and keeps some of that sun off of my bald head!

Time for bed. Gotta rest up to keep pushing tomorrow!!!

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