Day 116- Candidate Forum and Parking Lot Conversations

I didn’t canvass today but I did participate in a candidate forum for Democratic Franklin Co. State candidates. It was well-attended and we had the opportunity to answer some great questions about our views on policy and our plans to effect it.

I also had a few great conversations to random people in parking lots in my District. I’ve accidentally gotten some better insight regarding ways to address the opioid epidemic from parking lots and front doors this week. Much better than what I’ve heard in political meetings where I expected strong debate on the issue. It is what it is. I’m just grateful for the information and insight wherever it comes from.

I am also seeing that “D’s” and “R’s” may be more significant to news organizations and political entities than actual voters. However- we’ll find out what’s up on November 6 I suppose.

So back to knocking doors on Friday!

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