Day 115- Another Interesting Day!

I had a great and informative Four Rivers Progressives meeting this morning first thing. We talked about upcoming events, the impending Primary election and so forth. I look forward to seeing this group grow and expand to be a force in Franklin Co. and beyond. Genevieve Steidtmann- House candidate for the 101st presented and was very impressive and informed.

After that we knocked some doors in Union, Mo. and met some really nice people who are concerned about their healthcare, paychecks, schools and so forth. It’s great to get out and feel the pulse of actual voters in our county. We did some sweating but it was well worth it!

I also attended a local social gathering where I got the opportunity to meet a number of new people from the area and chat about their concerns and views about the world and politics. It was a really great time!

Lastly I attended the Franklin Co. Republican Ice Cream Social and Candidate Forum. I may be a candidate but I’m also still a voter and it was good to hear from and meet a number of good candidates for our County Offices. (There are no Dems running for those seats and we need to start fixing that, too.)

A very interesting and productive day indeed!

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