Day 103- Countdown to the Primary Election

Well, it’s been an interesting week so far. Presented for the Wildwood City Council, did some canvassing in Washington, my team participated in some postcard writing and we’re booking some great new events.

I’ve met some really nice people at doors and in parking lots and I’m feeling really encouraged that our community has the potential to put better people in office. Here’s the thing, though- we HAVE to DO THE WORK. We have to offer concrete solutions to real problems and commit to serving our constituents- not just a handful of donors.

As the Primary Election approaches my focus is still to support labor and encourage the people that I meet to Vote NO on Prop A. I’m also making sure that I talk to people with “NO on PROP A” signs that if they vote for Republicans in our legislature union-busting efforts are going to keep on coming. The work to protect our workers, our kids, our schools, to rebuild our roads and protect our environment is in many ways just beginning outside of the urban areas of Missouri. EVERY County in Missouri should have clean, safe water, good schools, jobs and so forth and be a safe place for people to live whether they are rich or poor, white or brown, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, something else or nothing at all.

My mission is to make Missouri a better place for EVERYBODY and I’m committed to figuring how to make it happen. It’s not just about ideas- it’s about PEOPLE. We have to work to together to support one another and make Missouri a Prime Destination- not just another flyover state.

We need YOUR help! Come out here in our communities with me and let’s knock doors, show up at events, engage with our neighbors and come up with real solutions for real people- not just allow people to take advantage of complacency and use our votes to pad their own pockets.

You can knock doors, drive canvassers, write postcards, make calls, help staff events, etc.

Be a part of the change that we want to see!!!

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