77 Days- Time is Flying!

We’ve been working diligently to build Team Kiehne the last few weeks. We’ve visited a variety of events including picnics, flyovers, labor union meetings, Club meetings, Committee meetings and so forth.

Our numbers from the Primary Election on August 7 are very promising and we’re optimistic that if we work hard that we can beat Sen. Dave Schatz and deliver a win for Democrats in Senate District 26.

State Senate candidate John Kiehne speaking with First Responders at an event in Sullivan, MO.

John’s Campaign will be holding standing canvasses every Saturday morning and Sunday evening until Election Day in November. Weekday canvassing days will be added in September as well.

We will also be hosting postcard writing parties on Wednesdays start Wednesday, August 29. Stay tuned for details as we will be holding them in a variety of locations around SD26.

We recently held a meeting with SD26 candidates to go over needs, goals and strategies.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Team Kiehne please contact us at volunteer@johnkiehne.com or just follow this link to sign up on the volunteer page.

John addressing a room full of Carpenters in Washington, MO.

Now that we repealed Right to Work with the Proposition A Ballot Initiative it’s time to finish the job and replace legislators like Sen. Dave Schatz that are pushing anti-worker policies. If we don’t elect John Kiehne in November we will get four more years of pushing “Freedom to Work”, eliminating the prevailing wage, altering Worker’s Comp rules to favor businesses and hurt workers and so forth.

It’s time to make the right choice and support John Kiehne for Missouri State Senate in our 26th Senate District.

John addressing a voter’s questions at a recent meeting in West St. Louis County.

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