About John Kiehne

John Kiehne is running for Missouri State Senate because he believes in People Over Profits. His experiences as a musician, songwriter, producer, parent, foster parent, son, husband, fitness enthusiast and motorcyclist drive his passion for truth, justice and the American Way.

He wants to see Missouri become a prime destination- not just a flyover state. He believes that that best way to achieve this goal is create and support policies that help Missouri residents to be healthier, smarter, safer and more prosperous.


John Kiehne was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Charles, Mo. on June 2, 1967. He attended primary schools in St. Charles and developed an early interest in music as well as engaging in hobbies such as assembling model airplanes and becoming a licensed Amateur Radio Operator. He started playing saxophone in the school band in 5th grade and continued to be involved in school band programs such as marching band, symphonic band, pep band and jazz band until he graduated from Francis Howell High School in 1985.

John’s career as a professional music performer began during his high school years as well as he performed regularly around the St. Louis area with a variety of rock bands.

John performed and toured around the Midwest in his late teens and early twenties as well as attending college at the University of Mo.- St. Louis and Webster University then moved to Boston, MA where he lived for 10 years. While in Boston John performed and recorded with a variety of musical groups as well as working in a variety of restaurant jobs from washing dishes to cooking, serving and managing.

John’s parents (and much of his extended family) were career public school educators in primary and secondary education. His father grew up- and retired to- the Kiehne family farm near Cape Girardeau, Mo. The Kiehne farm has been in the family for 130 years.

John is married to Michelle Kiehne- his wife of almost 10 years and has 4 grown children- one biological of his own and a niece and 2 nephews that he and Michelle raised as well. He and Michelle now spend a lot of time watching their great niece and keeping up with a 1 year-old toddler as well as acting as foster care advocates.

John is running for Missouri State Senate with the intention of helping to craft and pass legislation that favors is good for all Missouri residents- not just a select few. He believes that a rising tide raises all boats and that most Americans share values of kindness and honesty as well as possessing an unstoppable work ethic and desire to progress beyond the borders of our country and our imaginations.

For more information regarding John’s views on policy go to his Platform page.


John Kiehne has worked as a professional musical performer, songwriter, producer and instructor (and businessman) for over 30 years. His years in school band transitioned into performing professional gigs in the St. Louis area during his high school years. John went on to study music in college and also went on his first national tour as a performer at age 18.

John performed, recorded and toured with a number of acts from the St. Louis area until he moved to Boston, Ma. at age 22 to pursue more musical opportunity. While in Boston he performed, toured and recorded with a wide variety of musical acts from rock to jazz to folk and funk. During this time John began playing an unique stringed instrument called a Chapman Stick which enables him to play a variety of guitar parts simultaneously while also singing. John started appearing on national music releases as a Stick player and also put out his first album featuring his own material with his band Smokstik.

John also spent a number of years busking on the streets and subways of Boston, did quite a bit of live sound engineering for a variety of acts and performed on Stick for a time with the Boston production of the Blue Man Group.

John returned to St. Louis in 2001 and has been a regular performer in and around the St. Louis region and beyond as well as teaching private music lessons on guitar and bass around the St. Louis area. John has performed with a wide variety of acts in and around the St. Louis area as well as continuing to write, produce and perform his own music.

John has also worked as a foster parent and advocate for 10 years and has been very actively involved in the care and nurturing of high-risk, highly traumatized children. He’s worked hand-in-hand with a variety of local and national organizations and institutions including St. Louis County Family Courts, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, Great Circle, Epworth, Catholic Charities and many other groups and individuals.
John continues to advocate for foster kids and hopes to be able to effect policy regarding a wide variety of issues related to at risk kids and struggling families.


John Kiehne is driven to take honesty, integrity and ingenuity to Missouri's General Assembly in order to make our state a better place to live, work and play. John believes that Public Service means that elected officials must put the well-being of constituents before their own enrichment.