Welcome to the Official Website for John Kiehne- candidate for U.S. Congress in the 3rd Missouri District.

John was born and raised in St. Charles, Mo. and now resides in Franklin County. He is married to his wife lovely wife of 10 years Michelle and has 4 grown children.

John has worked as professional musician, recording artist and private music instructor for 35 years. He has toured the US many times and has appeared on a number of releases over the years.

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John is motivated to run for US Congress partly due to the constant drama coming out of the Trump White House as well as his dissatisfaction with the current 3rd Missouri District US Representative.

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  • I am Pro-Choice. I believe in a woman’s right to choose what’s right for her body and her life- particularly in regards to cases of rape, incest or possible danger to the mother. I also believe that women should have access to affordable, safe and private reproductive healthcare without fear of shame or repercussion.
  • I am for Responsible Gun Ownership. We need to enforce existing laws, require background checks to make sure that guns are in the hands of responsible gun owners and close loopholes such as gun show sales to prevent guns from getting into irresponsible hands. Average citizens do not need access to militarized weaponry, extended ammo clips, silencers and so forth. These weapons and accessories are not only hazardous to average people but are also dangerous for law enforcement charged with keeping citizens safe.
  • I am pro-immigration as we are a nation built and strengthened by the great diversity of people who have made America their new home. We need to enforce and improve already-existing laws as well as make a path for “Dreamers” as well as those who have overstayed visas, come here as refugees and so forth. We cannot separate our prosperity and responsibility from the actions and roles that we play around the world including involvement in foreign conflicts that distress and displace foreigners. We don’t need to build walls- we need to build bridges.
  • I believe that in a nation as prosperous as America all American citizens should have access to affordable healthcare. No one in this country should be sick, dead or bankrupt because they can’t afford to see a doctor. Though the ACA may be flawed we need to build on that framework to improve the quality of coverage for Americans while controlling costs for patients and providers. Also- no American should be bankrupted by overwhelming medical bills. Healthcare costs must be regulated so that while companies may profit it is not at the expense of patients’ well-being.
  • Law Enforcement in America has a challenging and noble cause- to protect and to serve ALL Americans. Unfortunately too many officers and officials abuse the power that they are given by the people to harass, abuse, injure and sometimes kill the very people that they are supposed to be protecting. We need not only better and more just laws that address all citizens with respect and a sense of justice but we must reform the way policing is carried out in many parts of this country including better training, more accountability and a move a way from militarized policing.
  • We must fund our government but we shouldn’t go broke in doing so. Our citizens and businesses should be taxed fairly and tax revenues need to be clearly accounted for and spent wisely. Tax deductions need to favor families and small businesses as well- not just corporations and the extremely wealthy.
  • We must fight against terrorist ideologies and actions wherever they occur- foreign and domestic. We must on one hand provide law enforcement with the tools to fight against these crimes while still maintaining citizens’ right to privacy. We must identify and address factions in the United States that seek to to divide, disrupt and destroy our country from within by fanning the flames of hatred and discontent. We must also strengthen our State Department to encourage diplomacy in foreign countries to foster a sense of peace and cooperation amongst ALL nations- not just the ones that we agree with.
  • American prosperity is built on the backs of American workers and facilitated by American businesses both big and small. We must make sure that American workers are paid fair wages and not taken advantage of by those in power for their own benefit. Wage disparity in America is at an all-time high and we need to find a balance between employee wages and corporate profits that benefits all. We must continue to strive to have competitive schools that teach and train people to be tomorrow’s workers, leaders, business owners and innovators. In these fast-changing times we must work to modernize both our businesses and workforce through education, innovation and investment. Collective bargaining rights must be maintained and protected. Unions empower workers to prosper by demanding fair wages, benefits and working conditions from employers that may be reluctant to do so otherwise. A strong workforce makes a strong America.
  • We must possess a powerful, modern and flexible military that is able to protect our shores as well as our interests overseas. With this great power also comes great responsibility so we must not be quick to deploy and should instead try to rely heavily on peaceful and robust diplomacy unless absolutely necessary. We also need to control defense spending by eliminating wasteful spending and ending non-productive weapons programs. We need to be cautious about who we sell our arms to and not use our military hardware as a means to fund our government or line defense contractors pockets. We also need to take care of our soldiers once they return home. Our VA system is substandard and does not serve our veterans in a way that reflects the sacrifice that they made for this country.
  • We are a prosperous nation because we are a smart nation built on the premise of innovation. Our public schools and universities provide a means for all American citizens to receive a quality education and pursue a career, craft of skill that opens up opportunities for employment, business ownership and innovation. If we limit access to a quality education to only a privileged we limit the opportunity for the average American to survive and thrive in the modern world. By providing quality education to ALL Americans we help to ensure that America’s future is hopeful and bright for ALL American citizens.
  • International trade is a key part of America’s economy. We are stronger for the products that we export and import. Our trade agreements such as NAFTA may be flawed buy our trade deficit with Mexico and Canada is less significant by far compared to the volume of trade we do with these two countries- which eclipses our trade with the rest of the world. We must always seek to negotiate fair and equitable trade deals but we must not allow other aggressive powers like China or Russia to step in where we opted out thus taking our place in these trade agreements.
  • We rely on our banks and investment firms to keep our money safe, allow us to pay our bills, finance our houses, cars, businesses etc. and help us to grow our savings and investments. Their services should be priced fairly and not used to prey on customers or cheat them our of their hard earned- and saved- money. Finance regulations that protect consumers are a necessity- especially in light of the economic crisis from just a few years ago. Laws should be kept current and must be enforced to ensure that loopholes and unscrupulous opportunities are closed for individuals and institutions who seek to cheat the system to cheat their customers.
  • Our Justice System- which in theory strives for fairness- has a long and sordid history of disenfranchising non-whites, the poor, women and the LGBTQ community. We do not need to go back to a time when minorities were denied basic rights and were often denied justice in a court of law. We must ensure that not only are laws applied with fairness to all Americans regardless of their race, creed, gender or sexual preference but that no laws shall be created that discriminate against these groups.
  • Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in the 3rd District. We need to address the fact that corporate farms and foreign ownership are causing distress in the farming business and communities. We need to make sure that we have regulations that protect our soil, water and air from being polluted by harmful chemicals and address the issue of global warming which is greatly impacting the American farmer. We need to make sure that we remain actively engaged in trade with other nations as exports account for 20 percent of agricultural production. We need to address the issue of renewable energy and energy costs in general which effects the cost of transporting products. We also need to address the lack of access to the internet in many rural areas of Missouri and America to make sure that residents in farming communities have access to modern means of communication.
  • We must make sure that our government employs the best and brightest in their fields whether it is be scientists, economists, state department personnel or whathaveyou. Our modern world has been imagined and realized by college-educated scientists, engineers, architects and so forth and operated by highly-skilled individuals that are the top of their fields. We cannot give into people who seek to “dumb down” our government- and thus our nation- with people who seek to discredit our scientific community using conspiracy theories and pseudo-science.
  • We must remove big money and dark money from our elections. Citizens United has opened the doors for unprecedented amounts of money to be funneled to politicians and PACs in order to influence elections and policy-making. We must mandate spending limits and accountability to campaign contributions in order to eliminate big money interests from unduly influencing our elections and the politicians that we elect.
  • Our communities- whether urban, suburban or rural- must not only do our best to create functionally efficient and fundamentally sound housing but must also provide safe, clean, affordable housing for those less fortunate. While wages have stagnated for both the lower and middle classes housing prices and the cost of living has gone up year after year. Our communities and economy also benefit from home ownership. We need to educate and encourage families to invest in homes that help them to not only be invested in their communities but to make an investment in their financial future.




  • John is 50 years old. He was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Charles, Mo. on June 2, 1967.
  • John attended public schools in St. Charles and graduated from Francis Howell High School in Weldon Spring, Mo. in 1985.
  • John was Christened and Confirmed at Our Savior Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Mo.
  • John studied music at the University of Mo.- St. Louis and Webster University.
  • John has worked as a professional musician his entire adult life, has played thousands of shows all over the US and has released his own original music for many years.
  • John has been married to his one and only wife Michelle Kiehne for 9 years.
  • John has a grown son Andrew who is 29, married, a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves and an O’Fallon resident.
  • John and Michelle also raised their niece and nephews through the foster system. John has been an active foster parent/mentor/advocate for 10 years.
  • John’s parents were public educators for 35 years. They spent most of their careers in St. Charles County. (His mother as a counselor in the Francis Howell School District and his father as principal at Willie Harris Elementary school.)
  • John’s mother is still a resident of St. Charles, lives in District 3 and has been active in Democratic politics and worked the polls in STC for many years.
  • John and Michelle reside in Franklin Co., Mo. and very much appreciate the peace and beautiful landscape as a contrast to their busy work activities.
  • John’s father lives on the Kiehne family farm (where he grew up) which has been in the family for over 100 years.