United We Stand- Divided We Fall

While we're busy doing family stuff over this Holiday weekend let's pause for just a moment to take a deep breath and think about how we can spread a little


I’m Listening

I have been talking to people lately about the state of our country and I've been doing my best to *listen* as opposed to offer my opinion. I am trying


Dems CAN Win Races

I just went to my first Democratic group meeting with the Franklin County Democrats Club. It was so nice to sit and chat with these nice people who also happen


Alabama Wins- Hate Loses

Today Alabama decides whether to go backwards in time or move toward the future. America was built by brilliant, patriotic men in a time when the land was being taken


Setting Things Up

As this fine Monday winds down I am taking this moment to share this fine creation with you fine people. I spent most of my day working on figuring out


Crafting the Platform

Today's project: Start crafting my platform. People are asking questions- I need to give them answers. Here we go… #candidate #congress #platform #issues #vote #K4D3 #missouri A post shared by


Why I’m Running for Congress

Some folks have contacted me and given me some amazing insights about running for office. The prevailing theme is to hone my message to introduce myself to the public. Though


Researching District 3…

So today I have been doing some research to learn more about the 3rd Congressional District in Missouri as well as checking out other candidates and politicians in the area