Setting Things Up

View this post on Instagram As this fine Monday winds down I am taking this moment to share this fine creation with you fine people. I spent most of my

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Crafting the Platform

View this post on Instagram Today's project: Start crafting my platform. People are asking questions- I need to give them answers. Here we go… #candidate #congress #platform #issues #vote #K4D3

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Why I’m Running for Congress

View this post on Instagram Some folks have contacted me and given me some amazing insights about running for office. The prevailing theme is to hone my message to introduce

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Researching District 3…

View this post on Instagram So today I have been doing some research to learn more about the 3rd Congressional District in Missouri as well as checking out other candidates

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Day One- Learning About Dist 3

View this post on Instagram Day One- learning more about Missouri's 3rd Congressional District and how to run for office. It's a good morning for a hot beverage! Thank goodness

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Here We Go!!!

View this post on Instagram Gotta start somewhere. Here's to a new chapter and my last pint of ice cream for a while. #congress #politics #candidate #missouri #democrat #vote2018 A

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