Labor Rally in Jefferson City Pt. 2

There were a ton of hard-working Missourians in Jefferson City to represent unions today. Claire McCaskill gave a great speech to thank them for their support over the years and

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Labor Rally in Jefferson City

I drove to Jefferson City this morning to support labor in Missouri and show opposition to "Right to Work". It was a chilly, gray and misty day but kinda pretty

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I’m on the Ballot!

Oh my goodness- what have I gone and done??? LOL It's official- I'm running for U.S. Congress in Missouri's 3rd District. Now the work REALLY begins! #JohnKiehneFor3 #BlueWave2018 #FlipTheDistrictsBlue A

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Meeting Keith Ellison

I need to work on my smile game. LOL Rep. Keith Ellison (@repkeithellison) spoke to Democrats in St. Charles tonight. (And kudos to STC Dems to get him out to

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Candidate Training in Columbia

Standing with a bunch of Dems today working on making the Blue Wave. Had a great time and learned a bunch! I missed too many opportunities for some group selfies,

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Setting Things Up

As this fine Monday winds down I am taking this moment to share this fine creation with you fine people. I spent most of my day working on figuring out


Crafting the Platform

Today's project: Start crafting my platform. People are asking questions- I need to give them answers. Here we go… #candidate #congress #platform #issues #vote #K4D3 #missouri A post shared by


Researching District 3…

So today I have been doing some research to learn more about the 3rd Congressional District in Missouri as well as checking out other candidates and politicians in the area