Out of an abundance of caution TEAMKIEHNE is suspending participation in public events until further notice. Many of our supporters and volunteers are older, some have family members with compromised immune systems, etc. 

In the meantime we’ll be reaching out to voters and amplifying our message in as many non-personal and virtual ways as possible. You can still help our grassroots campaign by postcarding, phone banking, helping us to schedule and staff events later this spring and so forth. There’s a lot of work to do so we just have to be creative in the way that we campaign in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those effected by the COVID-19 disease as well as the multitude of daily challenges that it’s causing in our communities from work to play to shopping and beyond.

We’ve endured worse in the past and we’ll most certainly deal with this challenge despite the difficulty in doing so. Please respect those around you and their possible health by using safe hygiene practices so that we can at least reduce the risk of increasing transmission of this deadly virus. Please remember that healthier folks may still contract COVID-19 and be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms but can still transmit the novel coronavirus to others who may be more susceptible to suffering ill effects from this new disease.

This crisis is highlighting the necessity of building and maintaining robust Healthcare services and facilities nationwide so that each and every American citizen has access to quality, affordable Healthcare as well as being able to organize in a timely fashion to address crises. Our current set of events are revealing a stunning lack of leadership and willful lack of insight from our leaders in government as well.

We can do MUCH better.

If you would like to help contact our Campaign Manger Christine Hyman at campaign@johnkiehne.com or you can go to our VOLUNTEER page.

#FlipItBlue #VoteBlue #FinishTheJob #BlueWave2020 #JohnKiehneForMO

Please help us to meet our 1st Quarter 2020 goal of raising $10,000 by giving today. Our average donation is $28 but supporters can contribute up to $2046. If a large campaign donation is not in your budget please consider a recurring monthly donation which by November will add up to some very decent support for our campaign.

At $28 per donation in order to achieve this Quarter’s fundraising goal we need 281 more contributions by midnight March 31, 2020.
We truly appreciate any amount that you can contribute up to $2046.