TEAMKIEHNE OUTWORKED incumbent State Rep. Dottie Bailey this last Quarter (and before) to exceed her fundraising total for the Quarter and ECLIPSE the number of donations that she’s received this last Quarter and so far in the race.

We raised $8,905 in the 4th Quarter 2019 and she raised $8,030. We had a total of 184 donations (181 individual) and she had *13*- (11 PACs and 2 individual). TEAMKIEHNE has earned 316 donations (313 individual) so far this cycle while Rep. Bailey brought in 29 donations in 2019 that included *4* (!!!) individual donations.

We’ve raised $15,409 while Rep. Bailey has brought a few hundred dollars more at $15,740. By that calculation our average donation is just short of $50 while Rep. Bailey’s average donation is *$543*. As you can see her campaign funds grow quickly when wealthy entities (mostly PACs) can shower candidates with hundreds and thousands of dollars
We have to work 10 times harder to acquire the resources that we require to deliver a victory in November 2020 but as you can see we’re not afraid to step up and show out.

Please support our grassroots campaign and donate $50 today so that we can continue to build a winning campaign to defeat Rep. Dottie Bailey in November and send her divisive, extreme and somewhat puzzling views packing in 2020. WE OWE THESE ENCOURAGING NUMBERS TO OUR SUPPORTERS AND WE NEED YOU TO SUCCEED!

#VoteBlue #FlipItBlue #FinishTheJob #BlueWave2020 #JohnKiehneForMO #FlipHD110Blue #UniteOurStates

By Comments off January 17, 2020