On September 26, 2019 the TEAMKIEHNE2020 Campaign kicked off John Kiehne’s campaign to be become the next State Representative for Missouri’s 110th House District. This event was held at the historic Pacific Opera House in Pacific, MO- a venue that was built from materials used for structures used for the 1904 World’s Fair.

Hosted by nearly 100 supporters our Kickoff was also attended by around 100 people ready to do the work to Flip House District 110- and Missouri- Blue. Former State House Candidate and Committeeman and current DNC member Curtis Wylde was our host and Speaker and also blessed our campaign with his kind endorsement. Curtis was instrumental in helping John to get started in politics by being supportive and generous sharing his insights regarding how to run for office.

John was blessed to not only have nearly 100 supporters show their support but his parents were also in attendance as well as as his wife and young Great-Nieces. Also in attendance were over a dozen volunteers that decorated the already beautiful venue and provided some delicious food and snacks for attendees to enjoy.