Every day I’m reminded of how many wagons our few Democratic leaders pull in MO and how imperative it is that we #FlipDistrictsBlue so that we can get more things done for the PEOPLE of our State. Challenges and trolls don’t discourage me- they embolden me.

I’ll admit politics isn’t for the faint of heart but considering what I’ve dealt with (by choice) and what friends and family have dealt with in their *own* lives I feel pretty blessed. The *good* thing about social media is that people will show the world what they’re about.

I have to add that the juvenile commentary that’s presented by some folks who consider themselves to be “leaders” from our President on down to the sycophants that enable antisocial, inappropriate behavior unbefitting for a child is tiring. However- we must be clear about our mission: We must SAVE AMERICA from *itself* and our enemies abroad. We can act locally to make an impact Statewide and Nationally.

We’re running a grassroots campaign to take back the voice of the PEOPLE from billionaires and their paid-for shills. Let’s energize the voters in our District to ACT in 2020.

Please support our efforts with your generous donation large or small. Viability for a political campaign is based almost entirely on a candidate’s ability to fundraise. Year-to-date we’re at nearly 200 individual donations and we’re just getting started.

#FlipItBlue #VoteBlue #FinishTheJob #BlueWave2020 #FlipHD110Blue #JohnKiehneForMO