We’ve Received 400 Individual Donations to Help Fuel our Grassroots Campaign!
(that’s more than 5 times the number of donations that we received in 2018)

One of the worst parts of running for office is raising money to support a competitive campaign. I believe that most candidates struggle finding their way as fundraisers and feel uncomfortable asking friends, family and strangers for money when the purpose can feel somewhat ambiguous. In addition- many of us want to run honest campaigns and serve with honesty and integrity as public servants as opposed to giving deference to large donors as opposed to the people that we are charged to serve. That’s why Democrats fight for campaign finance reform and why our campaign won’t take corporate PAC money. We’re fighting to represent the best interests of all of the people of District 110 and Missouri- not just a select few.

Unfortunately the political establishment (from both Democrats and Republicans) as well as press base the viability of a campaign almost solely on candidates’ ability to raise campaign funds and often dismiss candidates’ policy positions entirely. Here’s a recent example from the Missourian that reports on the candidates who have filed to run in Franklin County. Below is an excerpt from the article and a link to the full article. Notice that only candidates’ “cash on hand” was deemed to be newsworthy.

“Four individual representatives serve the residents of Franklin County in the House of Representatives and all four incumbents have filed for re-election and have campaign committees established. Thus far, only one of the four, Dottie Bailey, R-Eureka, faces a challenger in the 110th District. Bailey was first elected in 2018 and according to Missouri Ethics Commission filing, she currently has $9,060 in her campaign account. If successful in the primary, she will face Democrat John Kiehne, Labadie, in the November general election. Kiehne, ran unsuccessfully for the office of state senator in 2018 and has $5,544 in his campaign account.”

From an article in the Missourian newspaper- March 1, 2020.
Candidates File for State, Federal Offices – Filing Opened Tuesday

Running a legitimate, well-funded campaign against an opponent funded by megadonors like Betsy Devos, Rex Sinquefield, Reed Hastings, the Koch Bros., David Humphreys and so forth forces our campaign to work 20 times harder than the opposition in order to keep up. The good thing is that we’ve been working hard and out-raised our opponent last quarter. In order to do that for the rest of this election we’re going to have to work even harder- and smarter. We have put together the physical resources that we need to run a campaign buy now we need the funding to staff our efforts and amplify our message with signs, mailers, phone calls, social media posts, media and social media.

We’re not raising money to sit on- we need to put these funds to work so that we can conduct a powerful campaign in order to deliver a victory in November 2020 and then work to defend that seat in 2022. I’m in this for the long haul my intentions are to keep running until we win. Every day that goes by with the poor representation that we now have is a bad day for vulnerable communities like the poor, minorities, women, organized labor, our public schools, our rural and inner-city communities, our LGBTQ community and so forth. They are all under attack by emboldened Republicans holding the supermajority in our General Assembly who are passing predatory, ill-informed and regressive legislation that not only hurts Missouri residents but further tarnishes our reputation on the National stage.

If you- like me- want to see positive, progressive changes for House District 110 and the State of Missouri then please support our campaign in whatever way that you can. We not only appreciate monetary contributions but we need them. However- we also need to meet as many voters in House District 110 as possible so that we can earn their votes to deliver a win in November 2020. We can’t succeed without out you and everyone that you know that are willing to help us to be successful Flipping House District 110 Blue.

You can donate to our people-powered grassroots campaign here. Our average donation is $28 but supporters can give as much as $2046.

You can also volunteer to help us to reach voters in House District 110. Here are some options:

  • Knock Doors
  • Postcard
  • Phone bank
  • Staff Events
  • Host a House Party

If you would like to volunteer you can contact us through our volunteer signup page or contact us at campaign@johnkiehne.com. There’s plenty to do and we would really appreciate whatever help you might be able to offer!