Well- it’s official. John Kiehne is on the ballot to run for State Representative in Missouri’s 110th House District! Here he is at the Secretary of States office in Jefferson City while the ink was still wet on the paperwork getting ready give his all to earn the privilege of serving the voters of Missouri House District 110 and Missouri.

This is John’s second time around and what we’ve learned from 2018 (and since 2018) is giving us the tools that we’ll need to deliver a victory in November 2020. However, we can’t do it without YOU. We’re running a grassroots campaign that’s dependent on our efforts to inspire the residents of this community through ground zero organizing and outreach and by simply showing up.

We’re looking for opportunities to meet with voters in HD110 in whatever way that we can. We’re attending events, we’re canvassing, phone banking, postcarding, arranging house parties, anything that we can do to engage with our community and hear and address the concerns that effect the people in our area.

Contact us if you would like be involved in whatever way that you’re able. We’re looking for assistance in a variety of capacities so don’t feel that if you can’t knock doors or make a call we don’t have anything for you to do. We do and we will.

You can contact us at info@johnkiehne.com, message us here on the website or call us at 636-324-3570. Let’s be the change that we want to see!!!

Since we don’t accept corporate PAC donations we’re dependent upon real people and organizations that represent the best interests of people to fuel our campaign. You can donate at the link below. Our average donation is $28 but you can give up to $2,046. You can also commit to a recurring donation that over time will add up to a nice contribution to our efforts to #FlipItBlue in HD110.


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