We’ve been working hard for 18 months to build TEAMKIEHNE into a viable campaign. We’ve been hosting events (at least until COVID-19 arrived), sending many, many postcards, mailing mailers, making phone calls, texting, dropping lit, holding virtual Town Halls and so forth.

Thank you so much to the folks who have helped us to earn 750 donations- 730 of which have been from individuals just like you and me. We actually received more than 10 times more donations than our incumbent oppont State Representative Dottie Bailey. (while she ultimately raised just a few more thousand dollars than this campaign because her average donation is over $500) Because of this great grassroots support we’ve been blessed with we’ve been able to buy plenty of signs, lit, postcards, and so forth to help us to reach out to voters in the 110th House District.

Election Day is just days away and we hope that House District 110 voters will choose John Kiehne to be the next State Representative for Missouri’s 110th House District. We’re depending on you to deliver a victory on November 3!

By Comments off October 30, 2020