TEAMKIEHNE would like to thank our hundreds of generous donors for over 500 individual donations! In order to deliver a victory in November we need the support of the PEOPLE of Missouri who want to see a change in representation for House District 110 and the State of Missouri.

While we may be battling an incumbent candidate funded by billionaire megadonors what really matters is the support of voters at the ballot box on November 3. As a small businessman for nearly 40 years who has also been in the habit of raising other people’s children for well over a decade I’m very well aware of how to operate frugally and work within a budget. We’ve been using our funds sparingly while still doing the work to reach out to voters in our District and beyond in the most efficient and cost-effective ways that we can.

However- one of our most valuable assets are the people supporting this campaign by donating, postcarding, phone banking, interacting on social media and participating in events. It’s the effort of our volunteers and supporters combined with a strong organization on our end that will ultimately decide the outcome of the November 3 election.

If you have been supporting our efforts thank you again! If you would like to get involved please contact us through the webpage, via email @ , message us on social media or you can call at 636-324-3570.